What does one mean by a cot mattress? What are the different types of cot mattresses?

A cot mattress differs from a cot as it has adjustable heights for the base and sides. Meaning it can be raised or lowered. At the same time, a bed is one height and size with very few adjustments. A cot mattress for a bed lets you have the mattress base higher for newborns and then adjust it lower down as your little one grows. Cot beds may also convert into toddler beds and can be used anywhere for five years. Cot beds might save you considerable money and fuss as your baby grows. You don’t have to swap between a cot, mini toddler bed, and a single mattress.

Cot beds let your child grow, sit and stand with the base lowered, keeping them safe. The size and weight of a cot bed mattress are 140cm x 70cm, slightly larger than a standard cot mattress. Cot mattress complete the need for your baby’s sleeping surface from when they arrive in the world to around the age of 2-3 years old. This is a critical time, not only for your child but for you. You may be frantically getting used to the change in routine and ensuring your child has all the things they need.

One can only think that sleep will be one of the areas of your life that will become immensely precious. It’s the same for your child, so a suitable mattress is essential. You may need to minimize the chances of an unsuitable mattress causing your child a restless night’s sleep.

cot mattress

Types of cot mattresses:

  • Foam
  • Spring
  • Cotton
  • Natural fiber, etc.

What are the criteria for choosing a good cot mattress for your baby?

  • Infants and newborn babies need a firm support unit when they are firstborn. This usually stuns their parents, who think the slight weight will require a soft squishy mattress. Babies require safe and secure support as they cannot keep themselves appropriately aligned during the night.
  • Upholstery is the primary factor when choosing cot mattresses, except price. One may like to make sure that you buy the most natural and responsive material for your budget. The ultimate covering is a natural fiber, such as natural wool. If a completely natural fiber is out of your budget, a blended pad of wool and polyester is far better than a synthetic foam or recycled pad.