How to Change the Coil on an E-Cigarette

When you realize your e-cigarette requires a coil replacement, you must learn how to change your vape coil properly. A proper e-cigarette coil change will ensure that you continue to enjoy the quality of e-cigarette. We’ll walk you through the process of changing your e-cigarette coil คอยล์.

  • Gently and carefully separate the bottom piece from the upper part/headpiece
  • Place the bottom piece in upside down position,
  • Remove the bottom cap.
  • Gently remove the coil from the bottom cap.
  • Then take the new coil, place the head of the new coil onto the bottom cap.
  • Take the e-liquid, then fill the portion of the tank which is empty.
  • After properly adding the e-liquid to the tank. Fix the bottom piece to the top piece.
  • Check for leaks and that it is correctly installed.

You can use your e-cigarette again after correctly replacing it. It is best to wait a few minutes, no more than 10 minutes. This allows the e-liquid to settle and saturate the coil’s interior portions.


Cleaning E Cig Vape Coils for Electronic Cigarettes

As a regular e-cigarette user, you must guarantee that it is clean most of the time. A clean e-cigarette will guarantee that the vapor produced by your device is of great quality. There will be a buildup of dust or e-liquid residue if the area is not cleaned. This will have a significant impact on the quality of your e-cigarette experience.

Furthermore, an e-cigarette is prone to leaking. The e-liquid might seep into the circuit system and ruin your e-cigarette. As a result, you must clean it when the tank is empty. Cleaning an e-cigarette is simple, and I will offer thorough instructions on how to do it.

Remove the different parts of your e-cigarette. You may separate the top and bottom pieces by unscrewing them. The component must be in a single form.Using a cloth, clean the whole body of the e-cigarette. The dust will be removed using the cloth.Clean the insides of your e-cigarette components with alcohol and a dry cloth.You may clean the inside of the tank with soapy water.

Electric resistance of an e-cigarette coil

In technical terms, the electric resistance of an e-cigarette is measured in Ohms. What is the definition of electric resistance? We’ll attempt to explain things in simple terms that you can comprehend. It refers to the amount of heat produced by the e-cigarette device in order to generate vapor. In order to enjoy the best e-cigarette experience possible. You must understand how utilizing high electric resistance and low electric resistance affects your e-cigarette.