The Health Benefits of Playing Golf: A Guide

When it comes to health and fitness, golf is frequently underrated. Even though it may not be as intense as a cardio class, the subtle muscle-toning advantages are not to be overlooked.

The top health advantages of playing golf are listed below. Here are a few persuasive reasons to pick up your club if you’re feeling motivated to play a round of 18 holes.

Mental health

There is no greater remedy than spending a beautiful Saturday morning on a golf course to unwind after a long or stressful week. Spending time in green spaces and nature has been shown in studies to improve mental health as well as lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Brain exercise

Golf is a game that requires both physical and mental skill. A round of 18 holes can last for about four hours, and during that time you’re continuously evaluating the course’s mechanics to try to navigate the ball into the hole with the fewest number of strokes. Learning new skills is a good way to keep your mind active, regardless of whether the theory that “exercising” our brains helps lower the risk of dementia holds true or not.

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Consumes calories

Golf may not be a physically demanding sport, but there are still calories to be burned while walking between holes, carrying your bag, and swinging your club. A whole 18-hole round of golf requires walking a lot of distances, which can total up to five miles. Along with more intense workouts, golf can be a wonderful LISS training sport since it involves constant cardiovascular exercise with low-intensity but persistent effort.

Increasing muscular tone

Golfers who are strong can hit the ball farther than their rivals, which makes upper body strength an essential part of the sport. The good news is that you use your shoulders and arms more and get better at the game the more balls you swing at. In order to improve your upper body strength and mobility, it’s a good idea to practice push-ups, dips, and bicep curls in between games if you’re serious about getting better at the sport.


Golf, which is played on grass, is a non-contact sport that is relatively easy on the body. This is frequently appealing to older players or those who are healing from injuries since it allows them to burn calories without taking any significant risks.

It has been shown to be useful.

University of Edinburgh researchers examined 5,000 studies on the connection between golf and happiness. The study came to the conclusion that due to golf’s beneficial psychological and physical consequences, practitioners and politicians should assist more individuals playing the sport.

Golf has one key advantage over other sports: it’s enjoyable and social, regardless of how experienced a player you are or how long it has been since your last swing. Visit the ireland golf courses now!