The Benefits Of Getting A CELTA Course

To some people who want to teach English professionally, some employers prefer those who have completed a celta course and have a certificate in it. Let us say that you do not have this certificate, but you are on the fence if you should get one; well, do not think about it anymore and go ahead and get it, as here are some of the main benefits of getting a CELTA certificate:

  1. It offers a broad rudimentary preparation for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. The CELTA course is designed to equip the teachers with key teaching skills to help them when they are properly teaching the people in their jobs.
  1. It is a recognized qualification to practice in any country worldwide. CELTA is recognized internationally, accepted by most employers as a mark of quality teaching, and issued to candidates who meet standard requirements. This enables you to practice your profession in as many countries as possible.

Course Overview, Dates and Times | British Council Sri Lanka

  1. The experience teaches a number of fundamental teaching methods and principles. These include planning and structures in the classroom, language in use, and general principles of introducing and teaching vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  1. Teaching practice is part of the college’s course offerings. You receive practice in planning and teaching classes to genuine adult students of English as a second language under the supervision of a trainer. This approach is practical because it helps build confidence and prepares the students for what they are about to do most—teach.
  1. It can create employment opportunities abroad and at home because, as you might have noticed, a CELTA certificate is one that most employers look for when they are hiring an English teacher so having one on your resume will be very beneficial for you when you are in that part of your life where you are looking for a job.
  1. CELTA as a qualification is useful for further training for teachers. Once you have obtained your first teaching qualification, the CELTA qualification, you can do further studies as the Delta course.


the CELTA course is an excellent way of commencing your career in teaching English when it comes to gaining core skills and practice as well as obtaining a globally accepted qualification for teaching English to adults learning the language. That said, if you want to teach English and it is your passion, these are some of the things you need to consider before being a professional in that field, so good luck and we wish you the best!