Tips on How to Dress Confident and Trendy

If you’re unsure of what clothes you feel good in, try to recall a time when you had something on that you truly enjoyed. You may have attended a job interview sporting a sharp suit and a pair of killer heels. It might have been when you were out on a date wearing a gorgeous floral dress, or it might have been a more laid-back occasion like a picnic with your family. Regardless of the occasion, you probably remember what you wore because it made you feel good about yourself.

Identify your body type

  • Bell, spoon, or a pear (triangle upwards)

A person has this body type when the hip dimensions are greater than the breast measurements. If you have this body shape, you should think about wearing clothes that draw attention to your waist, which may be your strongest feature, while giving your upper body a little extra volume. You can achieve this by avoiding very flowing or boxy clothing that would conceal your waistline and opting instead for brighter hues or prints.

  • Apple (triangle downwards)

A person with this body type has wider shoulders and a bustier bust than they do hips. This person might think about donning top-heavy clothing, including giant jackets or shirts made of lighter, flowier materials. To define or emphasize your waistline, you can choose a blouse with a flare at the bottom or even add a belt to your outfit. Additionally, wearing a belted or flared top with fitting slacks will truly draw attention to your curves.

  • Banana, or simply (rectangular)

This body type is characterized by a non-exceptionally defined waistline and hips and bust measurements that are almost the same. Dress proportionally for this body shape, which means that the top and bottom components of your clothing should fit similarly. Dress flowing on the bottom if you’re wearing a flowy top. Another suggestion is to define your waist by adding a belt or by using contrasting colors for the top and bottom pieces.

  • Hourglass (triangles opposing, facing inwards)

This body type, which is sometimes touted as the “perfect,” is characterized by a smaller waist and almost equal hip and bust proportions. With this body shape, you want clothing that will highlight your curves rather than cover them up. Choose items that fit loosely. enough to highlight your natural silhouette. Avoid using items that will draw attention to the top or bottom much more than the other, as this could throw the balance off.

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