Recliner Chairs Are My Comfort Thing

Many people are familiar with the recliner as a chair. You know, it’s one of those big, plush chairs that can seem comfortable in any situation… until you try to get out of it. Because then, once you stand up again, the last 45 minutes spent sitting still have taken its toll on your body, and you feel like you’re about to collapse.


But what are these big recliner chairs Melbourne good for? They’re trendy in offices where workers find comfort and relaxation during long days at work or night shifts, but these chairs can help boost productivity as well! Read on for more details about how sleeping hours and lack of movement affect our work output in the office.


This piece’s basis is a recent study conducted by the Journal of Applied Psychology. They found that:


“measures of job satisfaction, life satisfaction, and self-esteem were not related to sleeping hours. In contrast, low-level prolonged physiological arousal and health complaints moderated the relationship between sleeping hours and some work outcomes. Employees who slept for longer or shorter hours than usual reported lower job satisfaction, life satisfaction, and positive affect.”


This means that those who slept less or more than they usually would were shown to have lower job satisfaction (and thus productivity). However, employees who stayed within their regular sleep schedule showed much higher levels in these areas. This is particularly interesting when you consider that the study found that “low-level prolonged physiological arousal” and health complaints (like headaches) could affect sleep duration negatively.

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If you are an employee with a desk job, then chances are you do not have to worry about any of these things. Though if you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, take note: as we mentioned, one of the main effects of not sleeping properly is decreased productivity. This means that being tired can lead to reduced work output and quality (and may even lead to burnout).


So what should you do when you’re working nights or weekends? If sleep is your primary concern, then staying within a regular schedule is the best thing to do. There are, however, other ways to combat the effects of burnout:


1. Exercise more. This can be in physical activity or just breaking away from your desk and doing something else, like walking around or talking with other workers.


2. Get a massage! Well, this is more of a treat for after long shifts, but it’s pretty awesome for circulation and stress relief too! Check out our guide on how to get the best rates on massage.


3. Eat healthier and drink more water! You’ll feel less lethargic that way. Exercising will also help reduce stress and increase energy levels if you look for that “pick me up” feeling throughout your work day.