Factors to consider when buying a baby swaddle blanket

The excitement of a new parent is growing every counting day, it is the time now to start looking for the best swaddle blankets. Most moms use swaddling to aid baby sleep better, wrapping babies like cute burritos do much more than help them to sleep better. It alleviates their frightened reflex and makes them feel safe to comfort them when upset. Also, offers them a different kind of security. When it comes to swaddling blankets, that will be wrapped firmly around your baby usually for hours each day, the key to looking for the right one is ultrahigh-quality fabric.

Every parent likes the best for their newborn, and a baby’s health should be at the top of their priority. The number of baby products to pick from is overwhelming. Swaddling is a traditional practice of wrapping infants in blankets or similar cloths thus the movement of the baby’s limbs is limited to prevent any mishap.

Factors you should consider when looking for a swaddle blanket


The material

  • Most blankets are made of soft pure cotton, which is ideal for your baby. The material is pacifying and comfortable for babies when they are asleep. Muslin cotton is also mainly used to make swaddle blankets and it is good, some brands provide breathing pores to the material to avoid overheating. You must carefully read the labels before making any decision, and research well before buying the blanket.

The design

  • When it comes to the swaddle blankets, the design means more than fashion. While it may be great to choose a pleasing design, it must be more functional. The ideal swaddle blankets permit the kids to sleep with their hands upright since it is the most relaxing way. They also provide a precise waistline to hold the baby well. They should leave plenty of room for the baby to turn especially those who are above 6 months.

Type of fastening

  • This may look like a simple consideration yet it is one of the most necessary. Tie strings, zippers, and Velcro are the most common fasteners available. Each one has its pros and it is up to you to select the best for the baby. Thus, when choosing a swaddle blanket, you need to ensure to consider these factors to settle on the best for your baby.

Size of the swaddle blanket

  • Most people purchase swaddle blankets when their babies are born. This might be tricking to choosing a small swaddle blanket. Yet, consider one that will serve the baby for a long before becoming unsteady as the baby grows. Most trusted brands have overcome this challenge by manufacturing adjustable swaddle blankets. This is a wise decision if you’re going to buy a swaddle blanket for your baby.