Going the Old-School Way with Delta-8 Flower

Delta-8 compound swept the cannabis market off of its feet. It has been widely accepted by people, unlike delta-9 THC (responsible for producing “high” in marijuana). You can consume delta-8 with many products like edibles, vapes, oils, etc. But sometimes, old ways are the best, and using delta-8 flower for its effects is the best way to go back.

Who and why should you use the delta-8 flower?

Delta-8 flower is the perfect way to go OG way to inhale the product. Inhaling the flower by smoking is the quickest way to get the effects kicking that last anywhere between 2 to 4 hours.

Always remember to start hitting it with smaller doses as it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. Once your body builds the tolerance, larger hits can be done.

Using delta-8 flower

Smoking delta-8 flower is nothing different from smoking CBD or delta-9 flowers. You might need a grinder to break it down and a lighter. The ways that are used most are the following:

  • Joint

Rolling papers are widely available at smoke shops or gas stations. After grinding the flowers, put the powder into the paper and roll it up. If you don’t know rolling joints, pre-rolls can also be found.

Delta 8 Flower

  • Hemp pipe

These are small and portable, available at all the smoke shops.

  • Water bongs

Glass and plastic water bongs can also be used. You have to add the flower to the water bong. This method delivers smooth hits.

Storing delta-8 buds

As the delta 8 flower is obtained from organic hemp, it does have an expiry date. It doesn’t mean that the shelf life cannot be increased. Storing the buds properly with care can reduce the rate of terpene degradation.

Store the flower in airtight jars to reduce exposure to light and humidity.

You can find the flower at various stores, online or offline, but the best quality is ensured at BudPop. It offers the flowers in two strains namely:

  • Northern lights

It makes you calm, relaxed with a clear head, and is perfect for releasing the day’s stress. The flower has a sweet and spicy smell with a deep and earthy flavor. It is for you if you are having trouble sleeping.

  • Cookies

It is an indica-dominant hybrid that can help you feel serene. It has a sweet and nutty aroma with slight hints of sweet diesel. If you want a boost in your energy, pick cookies delta-8 flower.

However, you may want to consult a doctor before consuming it if you are on other medications or are pregnant. If inhalation is not your preferred method, you can go with other ones.