Get To Understand Delta-8 THC Better

Delta-8 THC is a synthetic cannabinoid that was first synthesized in 1970 by Professor Jacob Biggio. As far as cannabinoids go, delta-8 has similar effects to Δ9-THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which directly stimulates CB1 receptors within the brain. The difference between delta and THC though lies within its psychoactive properties; delta binds more strongly than other cannabinoids especially when compared to CBN (Cannabinol). The reason for this may be due to delta possessing an 8 carbon sidechain while most others have 11.


This difference in sidechain length makes delta 8 bundles more of a partial agonist than an antagonist when it comes to CB1 receptors and for this reason, the effects are similar to THC but less intense. However, also like THC, dopamine is released in the brain when delta binds to CB1 receptors which gives it some indirect neuroprotective and anti-depressant qualities (source).


Taking all this into consideration in order to get “high” off delta one must take high doses; there is no threshold dose that can be used to achieve psychoactivity with delta since it is not active at any dose except very high ones. This means that you’d need to smoke 20-40mg of synthetic cannabinoids in order to even feel a psychoactive effect. That’s the amount we’d recommend for most users if you wanted to get high off delta-8, other doses may be necessary depending on your metabolism, tolerance and other factors but 20-40mg should work for most. 

Delta-8 Bundles

It is advisable that you do not attempt to purchase anything from this site. It seems like a fake site that has been shut down because another article claims their chemicals are made in a home lab.


Delta-8 but claims it is active in doses as low as 10mg, which means you’d need to smoke at least 80mg to get high off delta! It’s very unlikely that these chemicals are either pure or pharmaceutical grade and many other reports on the internet indicate the same thing. Think twice before buying from this website, especially when there are better ways to get high without breaking the law.


In conclusion unless you’re prepared to be ripped off by buying Popularity of vaping delta 8 bundles I highly recommend you choose another method of getting stoned such as taking a few magic mushrooms or even smoking some bud (if your state/country permits both of these) because the internet is filled with reports of delta-8 being unreliable.