All you need to know about clinical trials in Singapore

The technological advancement over the decades is no hidden secret. We all acknowledge the depth of science we have reached over the years. Research is one of the most well-driven and curious professions to be involved with. The entire human race relies on developments and discoveries in science. The medical field especially is in constant need of research for better alternatives for existing solutions. Research is all about aiming for the better and not settling for what already exists. clinical trials singapore are proof of our determination toward a better life.

What are clinical trials?

Every research doesn’t just end with the discovery or invention of the solution. The quest doesn’t stop with a proven hypothesis. It needs a greater confirmation of the answers found in the results. Clinical trials are tests. In simple terms usage of the new drug or treatment onto a certified organism or an individual. The primary trials are conducted on organisms such as rats. However, a certified clinical trial on a human will need greater convincing of the possibility of success. No matter what the test subjects are living beings with life. There are certain rules and regulations imposed by the government for the subjects, to be treated according to ethical values.

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Clinical trials on humans:

Clinical trials on humans are much more different than on rats or monkeys. Though ethically both lives are of equal importance, humans are considered of greater importance in the hierarchy due to their emotional and intellectual intelligence. However racist it may sound, it is true that human lives are given more importance in the view of humans ourselves.

To receive a green signal for a test on humans the researcher must produce numerous shreds of evidence of their past experiments and also the positive results of tests of previous trials. The person who agrees to be a test subject must sign a no objection or an agreement according to discussed terms to avoid legal problems.

Recent trends in clinical research:

Most of the trials in recent years are about research in stem cells. Stem cells that can be collected at the time of birth, are potentially used to regenerate any cells based on their ability of totipotency. This concept is used in procedures like oncotherapy, cancer treatment, immunotherapy, etc. These research studies have helped us cure or reduce the impact of numerous diseases.