Promoting Safety with SOS Button and Falls Pendant Detection


Margaret, a 78-year-old woman living alone, faced safety concerns due to her history of falls and limited mobility. A personal alarm system with an SOS button and falls pendant detection was implemented to address her worries and promote her safety. This case study highlights the benefits and positive outcomes achieved through the use of these safety devices.

Problem Statement: Margaret’s primary concern was her risk of falling, particularly when navigating the stairs in her two-story house. She wanted a solution that would enable her to quickly call for help in an emergency, such as a fall, and provide her with peace of mind while maintaining her independence.


A personal alarm system with an SOS button and falls pendant detection was chosen to address Margaret’s safety concerns. The system included the following components:

SOS Button:

  • Margaret was provided with a wearable SOS button that she could wear around her wrist or neck.
  • The SOS button allowed her to call for help by simply pressing the button, triggering an immediate alert.

Falls Pendant Detection:

  • Margaret also received a falls pendant detection device that could detect falls automatically.
  • The pendant was designed to sense sudden movements or impacts associated with falls and automatically send an alert to the monitoring center.


Margaret was initially trained on properly using the personal alarm system and received instructions on wearing and activating the SOS button. The falls pendant detection device was worn as a pendant around her neck.


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Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind:

  • Margaret experienced an increased sense of safety and security, knowing that help was readily available at the press of a button.
  • She felt more confident navigating the stairs, as she knew that if a fall were to occur, the fall pendant detection would automatically trigger an alert.

Timely Emergency Response:

  • In an incident where Margaret experienced a fall while descending the stairs, the falls pendant detection device immediately sent an alert to the monitoring center.
  • The monitoring center promptly contacted emergency services and informed Margaret’s designated emergency contacts, ensuring a swift response.

Reduced Anxiety and Increased Independence:

  • With the personal alarm system, Margaret’s anxiety related to falls significantly decreased.
  • She regained a sense of independence, as she could continue living alone with the reassurance that help was just a button press away.


Implementing a personal alarm system with an SOS button and falls pendant detection proved to be a successful solution for promoting safety and peace of mind for Margaret. Combining the SOS button for manual emergency calls and the fall pendant detection device for automatic fall detection ensured prompt assistance was provided in emergencies. Margaret’s enhanced safety, reduced anxiety, and increased independence demonstrate the positive impact of utilizing these safety devices. Such personalized safety solutions can effectively address the specific needs and concerns of elderly individuals, enabling them to maintain their independence and quality of life while ensuring their well-being.