Learn More About The Different Styles Or Areas To Choose For A Wedding Reception

A wedding reception occurs basically after the bride and groom’s formal or traditional wedding. A wedding reception is an after-wedding party celebration where the bride and groom usually invite their extended family members, which includes friends, neighbors, personal assistants, if any, etc. In this article, the readers and viewers will learn about different styles and places where wedding receptions in st paul will be a great decision to get a warm, comfortable, fun, and traditional wedding reception.

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Different wedding reception styles you can try for-

  • Romantic- this is a typical style a bride and groom want for their wedding or their wedding reception through which you will feel love oozing out from every corner of the room. The event management team generally chooses soft hues, delicate lighting designs like hanging lights, and the presence of pale pastel-colored flowers to give out a warm look.
  • Vintage- this look gives out a rustic feeling where Victorian-age crockery or decorations are used where consisting of a hurrah chant after the groom kisses the bride, or when they do the wedding dance for the first time on the dance floor, or they ride on an old Volkswagen or Porsche car with written just married along with balloons.
  • Modern- in this wedding reception, the event management team uses geometric-shaped lighting designs, crockery with fireworks, disc jockey, and bold color linens.

Areas where you can hold wedding receptions-

  • Banquet hall- designed for intimate or large-scale reception parties where the event management can use elegant interiors. Here menus are decided by the bride or groom, along with a well-furnished kitchen.
  • Inn- best for a wedding reception consisting of at most 60 persons as they are small boutique-style hotels or stay-ins along with overnight stays of the reception party members.

To conclude, the abovementioned article clearly defines the styles and places commonly chosen for a wedding reception.